Let us help you find the right person

No one beats us when it comes to finding the perfect match between companies and candidates, or at least if you ask us. Fortunately, many of our clients seem to agree as they return with new recruitment assignments time and time again.

You contact us and briefly explain what kind of skills you are looking for, terms, conditions, starting dates, etc. We identify the profile and scope of the project. We initiate the search by scanning our entire network for the most suitable candidates. Once we have found a match, we will present them to you. You choose which people you want to meet and we take care of the rest. You negotiate the wages and potential benefits with the person you want to hire, whilst we will be responsible to check official and unofficial references.

We need a few weeks of exclusivity for a recruitment assignment. We usually ask for a 6-8 weeks search period, because that’s roughly what it takes to leave no stones unturned in the quest to find the best possible candidates. Another thing that is super important if we are given the honor of helping you is your commitment. We ask our clients to quickly respond to any questions, meeting times, candidate proposals, etc. Many of our talented people are highly attractive in the job market, that’s why it is important that we have a seamless process so that we do not lose people along the way.

Please contact us if you have any further questions