Get access to a unique network

Through us at Reklambanken you have the opportunity to hire the country’s leading freelancers in the advertising and communications industry. We also help with recruitment and different types of productions. Our clients include advertising agencies as well as in-house departments and direct clients. Our network ranges from highly talented creators and production leaders to award-winning creators, graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, UX:ers, designers, project managers, photographers, producers, planners, strategists … All kinds of skills, really.

Hire freelancers through us

We are extremely proud of the skilled freelancers that we represent, and that you are able to hire for short and long projects. Whether you need help with final art or extensive strategy work, we are the obvious choice.

Get help with recruitment

Nobody beats us when it comes to matching an agency or company with the right person/candidate. At least we think so. Fortunately, many of our clients seem to agree with us because they return with new recruitment requests over and over again.


We can help you with all types of productions. Big or small does not matter. Through our network, we will put together a dream team that ensures that the material you need is delivered with the highest finish and on time.

Freelance through us

We are always looking for talents, so if you are really good at what you do, you need to contact us. Write a short presentation about yourself and add your updated LinkedIn profile as well as a portfolio if you have one.

If you have any questions or would like our help, don’t hesitate to contact us.